Little Muslim Handbook- Manners of a Good Muslim [Digital Download]

Little Muslim Handbook- Manners of a Good Muslim [Digital Download]

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An interactive book designed for children to cultivate good character.

Take a look at what's inside

Important note: this is an instant digital download (nothing will be shipped).

Many Muslim scholars from the past have advised their children and students to learn manners before seeking any sciences of knowledge. Cultivating manners in children take a whole lot of nurturing and can be a huge topic to discuss.

So where do we start as parents and teachers?

The answer is to go back to the authentic teachings of our beloved Prophet (salallahu alaihi wasalam). This Little Muslim Handbook aims to do exactly that. 

Here is why you will love this book:

  • Focus. 10 essential topics of building good character 
  • Credible sources. Topics are extracted from authentic sources with the explanation of scholars who are upon the way of the prophet and his companions
  • Hadith memorization. Every topic is based on short ahadith specially arranged in a format for memorization
  • Engaging content.  Simple explanations along with colorful illustrations, comic strips, and stories of the past.
  • Interactive and hands-on. Cut and paste pages throughout


  • Be sincere
  • Be nice
  • Follow a bad deed with a good deed
  • Leave off things with no benefit
  • Speak Good
  • Speak the Truth
  • Do not be angry
  • Do not harm others
  • Do not be arrogant
  • Love goodness for others 

Age recommendation: 6 years and above

Page samples:

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