Solah & Wudu' Pack | Cut and Paste [Digital Download]
Solah & Wudu' Pack | Cut and Paste [Digital Download]
Solah & Wudu' Pack | Cut and Paste [Digital Download]
Solah & Wudu' Pack | Cut and Paste [Digital Download]
Solah & Wudu' Pack | Cut and Paste [Digital Download]

Solah & Wudu' Pack | Cut and Paste [Digital Download]

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An interactive book to help Muslim children learn!

This book is a simple introduction to Solah and Wudu' for young kids. Kids will have lots of fun cutting and pasting as they learn about this important pillar of Islam!

Age recommendation: 6 years and above

Based on the Quran and Sunnah

Our Islamic activity books are all based on authentic sources from Qur'an and Sunnah. For this solah and wudu' book, we have taken our sources from books by scholars such as Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen, Shaykh Albani and Shaykh Muhammad Bazmool. We have included the list of references with links to the books and articles that we have used when making the book!

Take a look at what's inside!

1- Learning about wudu'


Let’s learn about wudu’

There is no solah without wudu’

The virtues of taking wudu’

The types of water

Do not waste water

Parts of the body for wudu’

1- Begin with basmallah

2- Wash Hands

3- Rinse nose and mouth

4- Wash face

5- Wash arms

6- Wipe head and clean ears

7- Wash feet

Wudu’ sequencing

Do’a after wudu

Let’s Memorize the Do’a After wudu’

When do I have to take wudu’ again

2- Learning about Solah

Important note: this is an Instant digital download (nothing will be shipped).


Let’s learn about Solah!

The virtues of 5 daily prayers

Getting ready for Solah

What is awrah?

How should we dress for Solah?

The times of the prayer

How many units for each Solah?

The positions in Solah

1- Intention

2- Takbiratul Ihram

3- Qiyam (Standing positions)

The opening supplication

Let’s memorize the opening supplication

Seek refuge in Allah

Let’s memorize surah al-Fatihah (Part I)

Let’s memorize surah al-Fatihah (Part II)

4- Takbir from qiyam to ruku’

5- Ruku’ (Bowing position)

6- Standing up from ruku’

7- Standing to sujud

8- Sujud

9- Sujud to sitting

10- Sitting in between sujud

11- Sitting to sujud

12- Rising up to stand

13- The sitting for 1st Tashahud

14- The sitting for 2nd Tashahud

Do’a of Tashahud

Let’s memorize the do’a for tashahud


Let’s memorize the Selawat in Tashahud

15- Salam

Let’s do 1 raka’at



Zohor, Asar & Isha’

 The digital download includes:

1- Learning about wudu | Read-only format (19 pages)

2- Learning about wudu | Cut and paste format (19 pages)

3- Learning about wudu | Cut pages (8 pages)

4- Learning about Solah | Read-only format (39 pages)

5- Learning about Solah | Cut and paste format (39 pages)

6- Learning about Solah | Cut pages (15 pages)

7- References

Print and go!

Simply print the pages and you're kids are set to have fun with the cut-and paste activities inside.